Tuesday get-togethers

Tuesday night get-togethers are a part of our weekly programme. Each Tuesday during the academic year we get together at 7pm to enjoy supper prepared by our wonderful kitchen team. Some get-togethers are planned around a theme, like the popular Science with Chasers -nights or our beer tasting events.

On the third Tuesday of each month during the academic year, the get-together is followed by a general meeting where the members get to have their say on current affairs and other important decisions. In May and December, the meeting is held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.

It’s party time!

We regularly throw dinner parties with a tasty three-course meal and lots and lots of singing – and let’s not forget about the amazing company of your KSO friends! We have three traditional main events that we organize every year, but we also throw a whole lot of other events varying from the crayfish season fest to bring your friend -parties.

The highlight of the year is always the Anniversary Weekend taking place on the Saturday closest to 7th March.The programme includes different kinds of events throughout the week, including ballroom dance practice on Friday, the main dinner with ballroom dances and an afterparty on Saturday, and a hearty brunch on Sunday to revive and refresh the weary partygoers after a long night.

During the fall term, new members will be awarded their KSO sashes during a dinner party held specially to celebrate our new members.


KSO isn’t restricted to its premises in Casa Academica, as our officers regularly organize all sorts of excursions varying from theaters and concerts to sporting events – we’ve even gone mushroom picking! KSO sponsors the excursions, so the prices are always student-friendly for our members. By becoming a member, you’ll also be able to suggest or organize your own excursions – the sky’s the limit!

Summer trip

The KSO Summer Trip is the absolute highlight of every summer! Each year we choose a city or town in Central Finland that we’d like to visit and get to know a little better. The weekend is packed with the best possible company, all sorts of activities, good food and drinks as well as experiences you won’t find elsewhere!