While KSO arranges a variety of events and activities itself, we also work closely with other student organizations both in Finland and abroad. KSO has five international friendship organizations in six foreign cities around the Baltic sea. We value international collaboration, and we’re always happy to see our friends join us for our Anniversary Weekend and Summer trip. Our members get to visit Sweden, Estonia and Latvia throughout the year when our friendship organizations throw events.

For more information on our friendship organizations, please contact the Cooperation Officer at maakunta@kso.fi.

Fraternitas Liviensis

Fraternitas Liviensis from Estonia operates in both Tallinn and Tarto. They have been our friendship organizations since 1935.


Västgöta Nation

Västgöta Nation from Sweden has been our friendship organizations since 1960. They operate in Lund, Uppsala and Linköping.

www.vgnation.se (Lund)
www.vastgotanation.se (Uppsala)
www.vastgota.nation.liu.se (Linköping)

Södermanlands-Nerikes Nation

Our other Swedish friendship organization, Södermanlands-Nerikes Nation, operates in Uppsala. The friendship agreement was written in 1963.


Fraternitas Livonica

Fraternitas Livonica from Riga in Latvia has been our friendship organization since 1994.



The friendship agreement with the Latvian Daugaviete was made in 1995. They too reside in Riga.