Keskisuomalainen Osakunta, colloquially KSO, is one of the 15 student nations at the University of Helsinki. KSO translates as the student nation of Central Finland, as the nations were originally meant for students coming from a certain geographical area. Nowadays, students can join whichever nation they want and we can highly recommend KSO!

The KSO premises are located in Casa Academica building in Töölö, just a stone’s throw away from the city centre. Casa Academica is like a second home to our members, so you can always find good company to hang out with. Tuesday night get-togethers provide an excellent chance to catch up with friends while enjoying a tasty meal, and formal dinner parties liven up the student life. And if you’re interested in what Central Finland has to offer, mark our annual summer trip in your calendar!

On top of unforgettable experiences and awesome friends, KSO offers affordable housing to its members and freshers moving to Helsinki. Our law students have their own club, and those keen on singing can join our excellent choir Metsoforte. We also publish a magazine called Ksoidin.

Join us!

If you’re interested in becoming a part of the KSO community, please check the Join us -section. The FAQ -section will provide you with more information on the practicalities. You’re more than welcome to join us it doesn’t matter whether you actually do come from Central Finland or just wish you did, we would love to see you!